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Commissaires and Officials

As one of New Zealand’s most popular recreation and sporting activities there is a growing demand for qualified cycling officials.  Regardless of the level of competition, having qualified sports officials brings value through alignment with cycling best practice, ensuring integrity and due process in competition, and encouraging the right values and etiquette of the sport.  

There are opportunities to be involved in administrative or Commissaire roles at all levels across all cycling codes, from club through to international competition levels.  

Become a Commissaire

The best place to start is at the grass roots of our sport, club racing.

Offer your services at club races, let the club officials know that you are interested in officiating, and you will be shown through the various duties, i.e. Time Keeping, Judging, Marshalling etc.


Cycling New Zealand offer Road and Track, and Mountain Bike Commissaire courses. The courses are designed to give a good insight into the practical application of the rules of the sport, through interactive tutoring with the assistance of video analysis.

The course is run over a weekend and covers 12 hours of tutoring.  There is a written and oral exam at the end.

If you are interested in getting involved in officiating, contact info@cyclingnewzealand.nz.